West Alabama Christian School



West Alabama Christian School offers an accelerated curriculum that helps prepare students for University setting. Christian education is based up character training. We, at WAC, faithfully train our students precept upon precept for 180 days out of the year. “It isn’t enough for us to present character traits and definitions to students to memorize and then suppose that the job of character training has been accomplished. Every subject area, every teaching method, every attitude, every action of student or teacher is a means of training” a child up in the way he/she should go. 

​Using a variety of multi-sensory techniques our students ages to 2 – 4 are immersed in a world of learning. For these ages, ABeka numbers, phonics, colors and language development are used in a daily curriculum.

In K4, students are given a solid foundation that makes learning enjoyable and fosters an atmosphere for cognitive development. Students are taught to read with an intensive phonics approach. Our K4 program teaches our students to learn number concepts as well as the formation of numbers. Students not only learn to read, but each student is exposed to language development through a fascinating world of animals, people, and places. Gross and fine motors skills are enhanced, as well as, hand eye coordination, visual perception, listening and thinking skills, and developmental readiness skills.

Our K5 program builds upon our K4 program. Through ABeka’s rigorous phonetic approach, students in K5 open a new world of reading. Students recognize short vowels, consonants, blends, and special sounds. God’s world is taught through inviting science books. Community helpers, safety rules, and the beginnings of American history are the wonders that welcome kindergarteners in social studies. Students also learn number recognition and number concepts up to 100. By the end of the school year, K5 students can add and subtract simple combinations. Through Bible training, students are taught to apply God’s word to their hearts.

Students in grades 1 -8 are taught through a combination of Bob Jones and ABeka. Both curriculums are taught from a Biblical worldview. Each curriculum exceeds state standards and teaches students to view every aspect of their lives as a miraculous gift from God. Students learn many skills necessary to function in their environment. They are challenged daily with assessments in computation, critical thinking, and study skills. Students are also taught and practice daily to enhance skills in science, social studies, history, geography, mathematics and language arts. Following the completion of this umbrella of basic skills, students are well prepared for what challenges their future presents.