West Alabama Christian School


West Alabama Christian provides after school care for students in grades K4-6th. We follow the school calendar and operate Monday-Friday until 5:30 pm on regular school days.Students may attend on a weekly basis or as an occasional drop-in. The students in the program are provided with a closely structured and supervised afternoon schedule of activities, care and fun. Time will be provided each day for homework, snack and free play as well as a variety of activities within the daily program.

Aftercare hours are from 3:15pm to 5:30pm.

Cost : $3 per day

 Please be aware if a child is sent to aftercare, the parent is charged $3.00. Once a child has been turned over to aftercare, the fee applies if the child stays 1 minute or the full time.

Outside Play

Outside play is a very important part in our daily program and every child is expected to participate. Please have your child dressed appropriately for the outside weather. Children need fresh air even in the cold weather and every child should participate unless you have a doctor’s statement.


Items From Home

Toys and items of special value should not be brought to the aftercare program. Your child is allowed to bring a light snack. Electronic devices are not allowed unless specified by the teacher.


Your child's information in Renweb must remain updated. If there are any changes in your address, place of work, or phone numbers, please notify the school immediately. We cannot release your child to anyone unless it is noted on your registration form.

Program Rules

Each child is expected to abide by the following rules:

• Listen and follow directions.
• Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
• Be kind and respectful to everyone.
• Do as your teacher asks.
• Use and inside voice.
• Clean up after yourself.

Pickup Procedures

To ensure the safety of your child, the following procedures MUST be followed:

1.       All children will be signed out by the adult picking them up. Children are not allowed to sign themselves out.

2.       A picture ID, will be required until the Aftercare Staff is able to recognize each adult picking up said child.

3.       Be sure to list on the enrollment sheet all persons that you give your consent to pick up your child. We will not release your child to anyone who does not appear on the form unless prior written arrangements have been made. (Phone calls will be accepted only on emergency basis only.)

4.       Please inform all persons picking up your child that your child will not be released to them if they do not have the proper photo ID.


Due Dates

All aftercare fees are due on Friday of the week. If fees are not paid, the student will not be allowed to return to aftercare the following week

Late Pickup Fees

Aftercare  supervision is not offered beyond 5:30 pm. In the event that you are late picking up your child, a late fee of $25 will apply and must be paid before the child care return to the program. It is necessary to offset the additional cost of care and will be strictly enforced. Please take into consideration the Aftercare workers who also need to get home to their own families. We do understand that emergencies do arise from time to time. Please make back up arrangements for your child’s pick up in the event that you might be late.


** Morning Care is available free of charge each school day from 6:30-7:50 am students must be walked into the lunchroom and signed in daily.