West Alabama Christian School

History of West Alabama Christian School

In the spring of 2007, The Board of West Alabama Preparatory School approached Fairhaven Baptist Church with a proposal to assume the school as a Christian school that would be ran by Fairhaven Baptist Church. After much prayer and discussion, the church decided it would assume the buildings from stockholders and begin a brand new Christian School. After an assessment was taken in July, it was found that there was not enough student enrollment to support a N-12 school. The Board of West Alabama Christian voted to move the school to Fairhaven Baptist Church and keep the N – K5. The church voted to add a grade each year until the school reached N-12th grade.

At the heart of this new organization, the dream envisioned by the church was a structure whereby the church would have an opportunity, through an elected representative board of directors, to participate in the decisions, focus, direction, and governance of the institution tasked with the education of their children and the children of the community at large. With a firm commitment to be wise and faithful stewards of the blessings and resources appropriated by God for this task, the church determined to build a fiscally sound and prudently operated ministry by applying those same Christian principles employed to guide the education of their children, toward the administration and governance of the entire school. Of one mind and spirit, the church covenanted with one another to work toward that goal. With faith in God, a steadfast commitment to the goal, and a willingness to sacrificially work, the church joined together to see the completion of an elementary school. In 2011, the elementary school was completed with the addition of 6th grade. In 2014, the eighth grade was added. At this time, the Board of Directors made the decision to stop at eighth grade until the fiscal plant could be expanded and accreditation could be sought.

That seemingly impossible dream that first began as a “why not” and quickly developed from quiet chatter among church members to many who are willing to stand together arm in arm and trust God, has become a reality. Through it all, God has proven Himself to be true and faithful. Although the challenges have changed, and our dreams have grown with the successes, opportunities perceived, and the challenges presented, the same God that has so abundantly provided, so richly blessed, and been proven to be faithful and true, is willing to answer our prayers and meet our needs the same today as yesterday. The realization of this dream will finally be fulfilled when the school will graduate its first class of WAC graduates.