New Family Referral Program

The New Family Referral Incentive Program awards a referring West Alabama Christian School family with a $300 tuition credit for each new family that is referred to and actually enrolls in and attends West Alabama Christian School.

• Families being referred cannot have any students who previously attended WAC at any time during the previous academic school year.

• The $300.00 tuition credit for referring families shall only apply toward K4 through 8th grade tuition.  It will not apply toward application fees or any other school fees that may be incurred throughout the school year, including fundraising requirements.

• Only one family can be identified as the referring family on the Application for Enrollment form.  If more than one family is listed on the application as the referring family, no family will receive the tuition incentive.

• The referred family must list the referring family on their Application for Enrollment at the beginning of the enrollment process.  No names will be accepted after the application has been turned into the office. 

​• Tuition credits are not available for preschool students or for students transferring from the daycare to the school.

For a full list of terms and conditions, click HERE

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